8 iHerb Discount Codes for Existing Customers
+ New Customer Coupon Promotions

By Stephanie Nelson

Chances are you’ve previously shopped iHerb and took advantage of their amazing discounts for new customers. Now, you’d like to continue to receive special coupons as an existing iHerb customer.

Never fear! iHerb is known for being generous and offers a continuous stream of discounts almost every week for both new and existing customers alike.

Long-time iHerb customers are often known to take advantage of these coupons and promotions, but they can be a little challenging for newer customers to find. We’ve gathered some of the top special discounts for you to learn from. Here are our 5 best tips and tricks for saving the maximum on your next purchase of vitamins and supplements.

Your iHerb Coupon Code:


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1) 10% Off 1st Order + 10% Free Credit

2) $11 Off + Free Shipping over $40

1. Save 5% Off Any Order, Any Time

This promotion is available to all customers, including ones who have ordered before It is also good on any order no matter how big or small, even if you’ve ordered previously.

To take advantage of the 5% discount, simply click the link below. Your coupon code will be automatically applied to your order.

At checkout, look for your discount. If you don’t see anything, type “RUS173” in to the Referral Code box and click “Apply”. Your savings will be reflected in your total.

Every single order you make should take advantage of this discount.

iherb 5% discount

3) Free Shipping Over $40 USD

4) 15% Off Brands of the Week

2. Save 15% Off Your First Order

If you’ve never ordered from iHerb before, this is another great way to save. The best part is that you can use this discount on top of the 5% coupon described above.

To qualify for this coupon savings, simply click any of the buttons above and the saving will automatically appear in your shopping cart. If the savings don’t appear, you can enter the codes manually by typing RUS173 in the referral code box, then hitting “Apply”.

The savings will appear in your final total.

iherb discount for new customers

5) 10% + 5% Off Vitamin C

6) 20% Off Brands of the Week

3. Get Free Shipping

Yes, it’s possible to get free shipping for your iHerb order all over the world.

That said, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind to qualify for free shipping.

  • Most orders must be over $20 USD ($40 International)
  • Exclusions based on weight, volume, and other factors apply
  • Doesn’t include tariffs or import fees

iHerb won’t always tell you the shipping cost until you check out, so you need to fill your shopping cart before you check out. Sometimes removing or adding quantities or certain products will lower the shipping cost.

For maximum savings, be sure to check the “Shipping Saver” box when searching (see the screenshot.) These items ship cheaper than others, and are often the products most likely to qualify for free shipping.

Countries where free shipping is available include Singapore https://www.opportunityhealthcenter.org/iherb/sg/, Australia https://www.opportunityhealthcenter.org/iherb/discount-au/, Hong Kong https://www.opportunityhealthcenter.org/iherb/hk/, the United Kingdom https://www.opportunityhealthcenter.org/iherb/en-gb, Canada https://www.opportunityhealthcenter.org/iherb/en-ca/, New Zealand https://www.opportunityhealthcenter.org/iherb/nz/ and more.

Iherb Free Shipping Offer

7) 20% Off + 10% Credit on Specials

8) 60% + 5% Off Clearance

4. Earn 10% Credit Back on Every Order

You earn iHerb loyalty credit for every order you place at iHerb

Loyalty credit is equal to 5% of the value of your order after discounts and credits applied, excluding shipping charges.

Your loyalty credit will be applied towards your next order as soon as your current order has shipped.

Your loyalty credits are valid for up to 90 days from the date of your last purchase.

iHerb Volume Discounts

5. Save 5-10% Extra With Volume Discounts

The more you order, the more you save.

iHerb gives big discounts when you order any product in quantities of 4 or more. This is a great opportunity if you are a reseller or operate your own store. No coupon required.

Typically, you can take 5% off quantities of 4 or more items. For quantities of 12 or more, take an extra 10% off. This is on top of any other offers, which means that when ordering in bulk, your total savings can really add up.

Happy shopping!

iHerb Loyalty Credit